Plastics Beyond Petroleum 2019
Plastics Beyond Petroleum 2019

U.S. and Europe on Shaping the Future of Plastics

JUNE 25-27, New York

After 80 years of life-changing benefits to our society, Plastics & Polymers are now beginning to negatively impact us in terms of

  • Sustainable Raw-Materials
  • Environment-Climate/Land/Ocean
  • Financials.

In order to address the present & future crisis, the plastics industry should be practicing the following strategies:

  • Begin transitioning from traditional fossil based raw-materials to Renewable BioMass / Waste(s) / GHG Emis
  • Innovate to grow Recycling of "Petro/Bio" based plastics
  • Create Value (vs BioDegradation/Disposal) when recycling not possible.

As a SYMBOLIC expression of the Future of Polymer Industry, we propose:

E = MC2

E = Endurance of Plastics Industry

M =  Mass from Renewables/Wastes/GHG Emissions

C = Cycling into Valued Products

Our upcoming conference "Plastics beyond Petroleum", JUNE 25-27, 2019, New York City area, will highlight the progress being made around the globe on these fronts; please review the AGENDA in progress and consider participation via Sponsorship / TableTop Exhibit/Attendance.


About the Organizer:

Dr. Yash P. Khanna, recipient of two international awards in the areas of Plastics and Analytical Sciences, has over 40 years of highly diversified industrial experience. His career is credited with over 120 research publications, 25 U.S. patents, Society of Plastics Engineer’s International "Engineering/Technology" Award (2001) and North American Thermal Analysis Society’s Fellowship (1988) and its highest honor, the International Mettler Award (1997). - Powered by Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd.